Friday, 14 April 2017

These Gifts

These gifts

Waterfalls cascading
like a glorious wedding veil
Candyfloss coloured clouds
in a sky of blue so pale

The call of the wild geese
as they take suddenly to flight
Seeking cover in their nest
of reeds safe for the night

The sun slowly sinking
on the western golden coast
Seagulls stand against the wind
upon the highest mast and post

The sigh of the breeze taking
it's last breath for the day
Shadows quicken revealing
the stars coming out to play

There is a place like this
for each of us to see
If we take the time to notice,
to be quiet and just be

The world in all it's glory
with immense energy pulsating
Gives to us all we'll ever need
and it's ours for the taking

Life giving water
from the rippling mountain streams
The beauty of the night sky
that brings to us our dreams

The closeness of family and friends
the touch of a gentle hand
Our emotions and our memories,
imaginations and minds to understand

Talents, strength and health
and love - the greatest gift of all
And friends to lend a helping hand
if ever we should fall

We have so much to be thankful for,
even when things go wrong
There is comfort in knowing these gifts
to every one of us belong

Whenever we are in need
we remember to say please
To God in the highest
a simple prayer puts us at ease

He gives to us so much
that we accept unconsciously
Yet we forget until things get tough
and then we make our plea

If we were on a mountain top
or at the ocean floor
He is always greater than us
and always offers more

Today I remembered something
I quite often forget to do
For all your love and blessings
dear Father above, I thank you.

©Patricia Rossouw 21 February 2004

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