Friday, 14 April 2017

The Fairy Visit

~~The Fairy Visit~~

Under the fronds of a willow tree
a fairy came to visit me
Little lady you will see all of life is a mystery
and the biggest mystery of all is love!
Some people come into your life for a little while
and maybe all they leave you is a smile
But I can tell you this for sure
a part of their heart came with it.
The aim in life is to find the one
who's heart will be yours always
But it's only a love that will last
if your heart belongs to him too.
I was only a little girl that day
as I watched her wings unfurl
and then she flew away
But she sprinkled me with fairy dust
before she left that place
and I will always remember when
on a swing under the willow tree
a fairy became a friend to me

©Patricia Rossouw 2002

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