Friday, 14 April 2017

The Fairy Ring

~~The Fairy Ring~~

The full moon is brightly shining
and as we all know
It's a night of celebration
beneath it's lunar glow

The Tamarisks form a cover
above the fairy ring
The frogs sway gently to and fro
and in harmony they sing

Fairies dance there to the music
floating on the air
Toadstools leading to the pond
are handy for a chair

Glow worms shine like lanterns
above the ballroom floor
The Hoopoe and the Barbet trill
cheering for more

The night is alive with magic
on this fairy home ground
Merry is the music heard
by creatures all around

Magical is the scene
upon this moonlit night
And if you believe in fairies
you too can see this sight

©Patricia Rossouw 26 February 2004

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