Friday, 14 April 2017

I Had A Vision Of Hands

~~I Had A Vision Of Hands~~

Hands reaching from the darkness to me
hands that held such mystery
Hands that I'll never know
hands that carelessly let me go
Hands that selfishly took from me
hands that are history
Hands that once held my heart
hands that thoughtlessly broke it apart
Hurtful hands and hands of greed
Hands I hate and hands I freed
Hands that helped and hands that saved me
guiding hands and hands seeking safety
Hands that taught me many things
hands that belong to angels with wings
Hands in prayer when I needed them
hands I'll never see again
So many hands that belong to those
that I once knew or am yet to know
Hands that gladly wished to give
hands I'm thankful for as long as I live
The hands that I care most for
the hands I have come to adore
Healing hands, loving hands
that soothe and calm and understand
Are the hands that have clasped hold of mine
and sworn to love me 'till the end of time

~~©Patricia Rossouw 28 November 2003~~

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