Friday, 14 April 2017

A Mother's Love

dedicated to Jim, Diane, and family
Who lost their son Matt in an accident)

A Mother's Love

Everything about us was in His master plan
Heaven and earth and the air we breathe, the animals and man
He created everything for a purpose to make his plan succeed
to help us and to guide us He knows just what we need
Sometimes we wonder why our life turns a certain way
Our immediate reaction is to turn to God and pray
And He knew one thing we'd always need above all
Was a Mothers love to help us up whenever we fall
a Mothers tender patience when we have none of our own
Her understanding nurturing until we are all grown
Like angels amongst us to do God's special tasks
Nothing is to much for her we only need to ask
A Mother is an example of how much God loves us
and when you think that all is lost in Him you have to trust

©Patricia Rossouw 25 November 2003

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