Friday, 14 April 2017

The Fairy Visit

~~The Fairy Visit~~

Under the fronds of a willow tree
a fairy came to visit me
Little lady you will see all of life is a mystery
and the biggest mystery of all is love!
Some people come into your life for a little while
and maybe all they leave you is a smile
But I can tell you this for sure
a part of their heart came with it.
The aim in life is to find the one
who's heart will be yours always
But it's only a love that will last
if your heart belongs to him too.
I was only a little girl that day
as I watched her wings unfurl
and then she flew away
But she sprinkled me with fairy dust
before she left that place
and I will always remember when
on a swing under the willow tree
a fairy became a friend to me

©Patricia Rossouw 2002

A Mother's Love

dedicated to Jim, Diane, and family
Who lost their son Matt in an accident)

A Mother's Love

Everything about us was in His master plan
Heaven and earth and the air we breathe, the animals and man
He created everything for a purpose to make his plan succeed
to help us and to guide us He knows just what we need
Sometimes we wonder why our life turns a certain way
Our immediate reaction is to turn to God and pray
And He knew one thing we'd always need above all
Was a Mothers love to help us up whenever we fall
a Mothers tender patience when we have none of our own
Her understanding nurturing until we are all grown
Like angels amongst us to do God's special tasks
Nothing is to much for her we only need to ask
A Mother is an example of how much God loves us
and when you think that all is lost in Him you have to trust

©Patricia Rossouw 25 November 2003

I Had A Vision Of Hands

~~I Had A Vision Of Hands~~

Hands reaching from the darkness to me
hands that held such mystery
Hands that I'll never know
hands that carelessly let me go
Hands that selfishly took from me
hands that are history
Hands that once held my heart
hands that thoughtlessly broke it apart
Hurtful hands and hands of greed
Hands I hate and hands I freed
Hands that helped and hands that saved me
guiding hands and hands seeking safety
Hands that taught me many things
hands that belong to angels with wings
Hands in prayer when I needed them
hands I'll never see again
So many hands that belong to those
that I once knew or am yet to know
Hands that gladly wished to give
hands I'm thankful for as long as I live
The hands that I care most for
the hands I have come to adore
Healing hands, loving hands
that soothe and calm and understand
Are the hands that have clasped hold of mine
and sworn to love me 'till the end of time

~~©Patricia Rossouw 28 November 2003~~

Dear friend of mine

Dear friend of mine I want you to know
I have shoulders broad enough
To care about you when things are tough
And a heart big enough to care
I listen and take note
And pray for you dear
Talk to me whenever you want to
That is why I am here.
Every day to God I pray
That He might bless me so that I may
Be a blessing to those I meet
And yet somehow it seems to be
That all my friends are a blessing to me
Keep your wonderful spirit of sharing
That has brightened many of my days
Your cheerful nature and heart so caring
Touches many of us in so many ways

~~©Patricia Rossouw 31 August 2003~~

These Gifts

These gifts

Waterfalls cascading
like a glorious wedding veil
Candyfloss coloured clouds
in a sky of blue so pale

The call of the wild geese
as they take suddenly to flight
Seeking cover in their nest
of reeds safe for the night

The sun slowly sinking
on the western golden coast
Seagulls stand against the wind
upon the highest mast and post

The sigh of the breeze taking
it's last breath for the day
Shadows quicken revealing
the stars coming out to play

There is a place like this
for each of us to see
If we take the time to notice,
to be quiet and just be

The world in all it's glory
with immense energy pulsating
Gives to us all we'll ever need
and it's ours for the taking

Life giving water
from the rippling mountain streams
The beauty of the night sky
that brings to us our dreams

The closeness of family and friends
the touch of a gentle hand
Our emotions and our memories,
imaginations and minds to understand

Talents, strength and health
and love - the greatest gift of all
And friends to lend a helping hand
if ever we should fall

We have so much to be thankful for,
even when things go wrong
There is comfort in knowing these gifts
to every one of us belong

Whenever we are in need
we remember to say please
To God in the highest
a simple prayer puts us at ease

He gives to us so much
that we accept unconsciously
Yet we forget until things get tough
and then we make our plea

If we were on a mountain top
or at the ocean floor
He is always greater than us
and always offers more

Today I remembered something
I quite often forget to do
For all your love and blessings
dear Father above, I thank you.

©Patricia Rossouw 21 February 2004

The Fairy Ring

~~The Fairy Ring~~

The full moon is brightly shining
and as we all know
It's a night of celebration
beneath it's lunar glow

The Tamarisks form a cover
above the fairy ring
The frogs sway gently to and fro
and in harmony they sing

Fairies dance there to the music
floating on the air
Toadstools leading to the pond
are handy for a chair

Glow worms shine like lanterns
above the ballroom floor
The Hoopoe and the Barbet trill
cheering for more

The night is alive with magic
on this fairy home ground
Merry is the music heard
by creatures all around

Magical is the scene
upon this moonlit night
And if you believe in fairies
you too can see this sight

©Patricia Rossouw 26 February 2004

To My Daughters With Love

Remember the first time you
rode your bike with out training wheels
first discovered you could float then swim
Remember the first time you ever went to the fair,
the lights the sounds and the excitement,
the rides and the cool night air.
Remember the first time you
played outside in the dark,
saw the moon and tried to count the stars
Remember the first time you played in the snow
walked in the rain, saw a butterfly, or dew drops
glistening in the sun
Remember the first time you ever saw the sea,
climbed a mountain, saw a rainbow.....or a waterfall
Remember the first time you ever
wrote your name on your own,
the first time you spoke on the phone,
the first time you wore grown up shoes.
Remember the first time you ever
felt your heart skip a beat,
shared a fleeting glance or smile that said so much,
the first magical touch or kiss
Remember the first time you ever
drove a car, found employment, made a new friend
lost a loved one, saw someone die or simply cried
Remember the first time you ever
held your children in your arms,
held them close, and loved them with all your heart
Remember how you enjoyed fireworks, and Christmas, birthday parties, dancing and singing,
Remember the first party clothes, weddings and christenings, remember all the celebrations - and the passing of time
Remember all these things....the times and the moments to cherish....times when you were happy or sad but most of all remember to allow yourself to feel and sense all emotions, and be glad to be alive.

Remember to LIVE and be excited about life!

Remember how many times I have told you
that you are beautiful and I love you and I am so proud of you.

And I will remember too, the times we had, the happiness
we shared and how we laughed and loved and lived.
and I pray I shall never forget.

To my Daughters with love
©Patricia Rossouw - January 8 2006

What is a child?

What is a child?

A child is the essence of innocence and pure heart
Delicate as a flower - helpless - without power
A child is a joy to it's grandparents who see the future in their eyes
A child can open our eyes again to see the beauty in spring rain
A child is a story just beginning when ours is halfway
A child is Love a gift of God's love - the continuation of His plans
He was a child too - when he came to earth to save me and you.
Mercy to the children who are suffering - release them too
Hound the monsters who attack them in their dreams
and let the children come to You - to find safe harbour in Your arms.

©Patricia Rossouw 2002

'n Roos vir Ma

~~'n Roos vir Ma~~

Ons gee vandag aan Ma 'n roos
en wens U 'n gese├źnde Moedersdag.
As trane val, U weet net hoe
om ons te troos en weer te laat lag.

U is altyd bereid om hulp aan te bied,
vir U is niks ooit te veel moeite -
Knope vaswerk, babatruie brei,
ons weet U doen alles met liefde.

As ons iets op die hart het,
U het altyd tyd om te luister
En U sal aandag vir ons gee,
as ons net ietsie vir U wil fluister.

Ons weet dat ons na U toe kan gaan,
U weet in elk geval as iets ons pla.
Nooit sal U ons geheime verklap,
en advies sal U gee as ons vir U vra.

Netjies en mooi en alles fyntjies,
oorbelle, krale, borspeld en parfuum,
Strikkies en valletjies en tierlantyntjies,
deftig, 'n Dame, 'n Ma in 'n miljoen!

Met hande wat vir niks skrik nie,
het U vir u familie 'n tuiste geskep.
Ons weet die Woord is U daaglikse krag,
en U liefde die beste resep!

©Patricia Rossouw 2004

Ma en Ouma, ons het U nie gekies nie,
U is 'n geskenk aan ons van God.

Ons is lief vir jou ~ Gelukkige Moedersdag

My Friend

My friend you may not realise
how important you are to me
I've known you for such a long long time
you're part of my history
And anyone who knows me well
knows you too
Because you have always been there
for me and I there for you
And now in your time of trouble
I hope you know in your heart
My thoughts are with you constantly
although we are miles apart
I think of you often
all the times that we have shared
of all the ways you've shown me
how much you really care
If I could be with you right now
I'd like hold your hand
to comfort you and help you through
and show I understand

©Patricia Rossouw September 2005

Give your smiles away

Give your smiles away

There are so many sad and lonely people on this earth
And it is not always the way they choose to live
Take time to notice - see what they are worth!
They are just like us with a lot of love to give
Don't pass someone who does not seem to smile
Smile at them and say hello and spend a little while
Thier face becomes a reflection of you
Because now they are smiling too
It only takes a moment to brighten someones day
And smiles are free - so give your smiles away

My Little Girls

My Little Girls

You brought me so much pleasure
the most precious treasure
is your love
that I keep within my heart
you will always be a part
of me
All independant and grown up
Now it's perfume and make-up
No more skinned knees
and Mommy Pleeeeease!
Oh how the years flew by
gone in the blink of an eye
Memories collected on photographs
all tell a story and bring back a few laughs
I want you to know I love you
that I am so proud of you

©Patricia Rossouw 2005

Nature's Celebration

Nature's Celebration

Viewed through the window a beautiful sight
Peach blossoms have appeared over night
Garlands of Lilacs where stark branches had been
Greyness of winter fades away as gold turns to green
Another season passes and spring arrives
To freshen our world and renew our lives
Your timing is perfect rebirth of creation
Happy spring days are nature's celebration.

~~©Patricia Rossouw 31 August 2003~~